About Easton

Easton, the crown jewel of Fairfield County, is the gateway to city life with all of the amenities of country life. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the pristine natural habitats, including the pristine streams full of trout, ripe for fishing, and four reservoirs within city limits. The water supplied by the streams and babbling brooks supplies the region’s crisp, clean public drinking water. Area farms contribute to a bustling local economy with grass-fed beef and organic vegetables that can be found at neighboring farmers’ markets.

Families move to the area for some of the most prestigious and award-winning schools in all of Fairfield County, including top preschools. Many Connecticut locals flock to the area around Christmas to select their tree in the well-known “Christmas Tree Capital” of Connecticut and home to the 2009 Rockefeller Christmas Tree proudly displayed for the world’s view in New York. Easton is located within close proximity to the entertainment and offices of New York and the glistening sandy beaches of the Atlantic, where you can enjoy a warm summer’s day in the New England sun. Whether you’re in Easton for the day or life, all can agree on its cultural and natural importance to the area.

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